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Sustainability in Social Terms
I was expecting to get some info about community centers that contribute the local identity, productivity and rehabilitation fields with its educational function.. Im making a project for Urla-Izmir-Turkey. examples, ideas, and links. Thank you for your consideration.
Ozlem Balkan
Sustainability in Social Terms
I am not sure if my answer would help. If you look for the ACSA website, the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, and go to their publications listing, they have a book named: Guide to North American Schools of Architecture, the introductory section in this book has listing of community design centers in the United States, and how the movement started in the sixties during the civil rights era in the US, together with some contact information. Also, they (ACSA) have recently published a book about the "History of Community Design Centers within the Schools of Architecture:

By the way, some people name these centers Community Development Clinics. Although many of these centers or clinics have focused primarily on the very near/local environment in which a school of architecture exists, some of them went beyond that and worked internationally with low income communities focusing on integrating social and behavioral aspects into the built form.

Some of the people who developed these centers in the sixties and seventies are listed hereunder. You may want to contact professors:
Henry Sanoff @ North Carolina State University
Randolph Hester @ University of California, Berkeley
Jim Griffin, Prarie View A&M University, Texas
Jay Garott, Drury University.

I can not recall other names now, but you can look for the websites of these universities.

Ashraf Salama
Sustainability in Social Terms

Another listing of community design centers can be found at

METU might have some links/publications/professors interested in this sort of thing. They were involved in some projects in the 70's that may be still continuing.

Is the work of DOSIM relevant to your project?

Kolay gelsin!
Michael Ramage


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