Interior Design
Thesis: Theme-based restaurant interiors
Hello everyone,

I am doing a thesis on theme-based restaurant interiors. Please suggest to me some good case examples for my study.
Surya Sailaja
Thesis: Theme-based restaurant interiors
Themes come in a wide-range... what particular themes are you interested in?
Here are a few examples:

Hard Rock Cafe - chain, theme: hard rock

Beyti Restaurant - chain, theme: traditional Turkish interior

Hooters - chain, deplorable theme: scantily dressed waitresses

The Barking Crab - Boston, theme: fishing and fishermen

Ozgur Basak Alkan
Thesis: Theme-based restaurant interiors
Hi.. Surya .your name reflects very Ancient Indian....

Here is a original concept The Munchez d or [sona kay nivalay] thats probably every Indian dish sparks like gold when onions are too badly burnt..

..More northern dishes that are normally not so hot like Indian ones because they are made from dry Fruits etc...
Sher Saddozai


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