Interior Design
Discotheque and cafeteria interiors
Hi everyone, I am an interior designer. Presently, I am facing some problems while doing the interiors of a discotheque and cafeteria. Please help me out to do something different and innovative.
Ritesh Thakkar
Discotheque and cafeteria interiors
look up "deconstruction" in architecture
Ahmed Asad Zuberi
Discotheque and cafeteria interiors
When you say you are "facing some problems," does it mean that you ask for aesthetic inspiration? What about the functions, the budget, the visitors, the site (height, width, fire constraints), etc.? I think one should say how can I be more creative dealing with all my constraints? On the other hand, the discotheque, or even cafeteria, has its point of phantasy, of one's belief of being immersed in other layer of the world, more surreal, or maybe, hyperreal. And question, what is a discotheque or a cafeteria today? Is it a pure notion? Or is more a hybrid with lounge areas, library, cultural debate, fashion, art performances, concerts, food, TV, internet, different customized-music areas, openair terraces, etc.?

What is social life and leisure today?

How do people enjoy and socialize in their free time? How should they do it today? Should the space you design drive their leisure in a way? Or rather, would you consider this space as completely neutral to free performances?

It is obvious that intensive urban life favors increasingly the hedonism of enjoying the right now, whenever we have time and whatever it costs.

Could you engage a political position with your new space for leisure? Could this space improve today's social leisure conditions? Even, could this space be culturally productive?
Maria Prieto
Discotheque and cafeteria interiors
Hello Maria,

Thanks a lot for your help. Ya I guess you are very much right but presently I don��t have the site details but I have a project in my hand concerning discotheque and cafeteria. I would like to go for a very modernistic approach which must also be economical. I would consider seriously what you said but plz feel free to express your views further b��coz they are really interesting.
Ritesh Thakkar


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