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Smokeless stove
My extended family lives in a village in Pakistan. This is a hilly area (average height about 4000 ft) but you will hardly find any tree of say 30 years of age. People have cut down the trees for making fires for cooking. Few older trees remain in tombs only. I have come to know that improved stove can save upto 50% of wood. Can any one provide me info about this stove so that I could introduce this in my village.
Mureed Awan
Smokeless stove
Here are three sources of information you might find useful: - note particularly the wood-gas stoves - “Wood-gas cooking stoves are perhaps the best answer so far. These are gasifiers that produce gas from wood and then burn the gas, leaving charcoal (itself a useful fuel). They're clean, fast and efficient.” This page also has many links to other information. - a PDF file of a report on efficient wood stoves in China
Edwin Smith
Smokeless stove
Dear Mureed Awan,

The smoke free stove is a product of the Pakistan Council of Appropriate Technologies (PCRAT). It is being replicated by various NGOs. One of them being under the Aga Khan Planning and Building Services, Pakistan. They have extensively promoted this product in the Northern Areas, and now working on similar lines in Sindh.

Attached is a poster of the product that is currantly being promoted in Sindh.

The contact/address can be obtained throught the AKDN website.
Mariam Karrar


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