Sustainable Design
Thesis: Industrial Waste Recycling Plants
Hello! My name is A. Kamal, I'm a student of visual arts (architecture).

I am doing my architectural thesis on industrious waste recycling plants, if anyone has any material or knowledge about industrial architecture or recycling plant kindly share your information.
Ahmed Kamal Khan
Thesis: Industrial Waste Recycling Plants
I think it's a very nice topic and one of its kind. I personaly believe architecture students must explore such studies which also help the future generations to explore there abilities more. Ahmed, you should study Buckminster Fuller and his transformable theory of architecture. He is a pioneer of industrial architecture and his work will provide you real help in your thesis.
Ahmed Ali
Thesis: Industrial Waste Recycling Plants
Hello. I'm a student of last year of architecture in Białystok City in Poland. I'm doing now the same subject of diploma project, as You done. It would be great, if You could send me any interesting materials about it, because as You know, it's hard to get it. I need evrything: links, photos, pure text, even whole your project:). Thanks for help. My e-mail:

P.S.I'm waiting for quick response.
Yours sincerelly Paweł Walendziak
Paweł Walendziak


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