Information Technology
Emergence and design
We always speak and discuss history, I would like to elevate the discussion level to the contemporary history and the use of the new technologies in the historical theories and principles such as emergence, evolution, and neural network.

The aim of this discussion is to use these ideas as a design theme and to design a new tools for architects. Please send your comments and join the discussion. You don't need to be professional to participate.

Jalal El-Ali
Emergence and design
Neural network in any organism is always tuned to respond to emergancy, the calcium pump mechanism at the dendrite level bridges the gap and synapse is formed to put the particular muscle and ultimately body part in action to reflex the needed movement. As a practising architect found that particular place the design specifies the technological solution, happens to be very expensive, I do see your point in health care, say a doctor operating through on-line equipment at a far away place, well evolution has always been there and I am sure your kind of thinking can only bring out latent potential new concepts, idea needs to be explored, I may reflect more later.
Dushyant Nathwani
Emergence and design
Thanks Dushyant for your interest, I think exploration in the field of evolution have passed very advanced fields. For example, stock exchange softwares depending on evolutionary algorithms were able to predict the stock markets.

The best piston have ever been designed was created by a computer simulation using "EA".

Through architecture, we are usually faced by huge number of constraints and limits, all of these can be an input for a computer program, and solutions can be evoloved and getting better through generations.

I made a study model using EA, and was absolutely successful.

I wish to hear from you again.

Jalal El-Ali
Emergence and design
Hello Daniel Cardoso:

I would be happy to inform you about the model I made. I wish though, that you flip through my online presentation, and there you can find some images and detailed diagrams explaing my topic.

The structure I developed was created from a multiple elements, each one of those have a defined links to the neighboring member and though it defines its dynamic properties. The truss would move according to many parameters like sun light, tempreture and personal interest. As the structure tries to regulate the amount of heat in the internal space, the whole structure will try to keep it structural stability. This process is repeated in real time all over the year and been analyzed by a main computer system, the programs which define the movement of the local processors would be updated seasonly, and rechecked again.

This methodology will ensure, the usage of some theories as - emergence, evolution and self learning.

I can't explain about it more in detail but I promise that I will update the website soon and it would be able to show more information.

Thanks a lot, please don't hesitate to ask any further questions, but please make it specific.
Jalal El-Ali


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