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Design thesis: SOS Children's Village

I'm doing a thesis on the design of SOS Children's Village, and now I've been working on the analysis period after the case studies. From the case studies, I've found that there are four user types:

1. children (most probably orphans)
2. the staff (including Director, Mothers, aunts etc.)
3. guests
4. people from the local community

Actually, they all have their own identity and characteristics. The buildings are built individually for all, expect the children with mother in the same house.

They all have their identity such as the children are of their kind and they need to be rehabilitated physically, mentally, socially etc. The staff are those who may want to get some kind of incentive. The guest may come to the village with their own work or some kind of visit, so they needed a different environment. The people from the community are those receiving facilities, and our main aim of integreting the children with them.

So, these all have their own characteristics and identity. Now the design problem is how to relate them in the site architecturally, may be with form relating them and showing their identity... or others.

Would you please kindly give me some kind of suggestions and opinions regarding the solution of the design problem.

I'm looking forward to hear from you soon. You can also use my e-mail address:

Thanking for your kind co-operation.

Sincerely Yours,
Robyn Shrestha
Design thesis: SOS Children's Village
u imagine ur self as a child or what ever character ur designing for and understand exactly how the character and other behve with each other, make the synopsis and then start designing.
Chaitanya Verma


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