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Deconstruction & architectural arguments
I'm doing my thesis on BAB e PAKISTAN i need some relevant data which could help me in giving my architectural argument according to deconstruction, preferably I'll be needing data in the form of a case study of a deconstruction project defining the clients brief and its deconstruction. Thank you to the person who could help me out.
Nauman Pervaiz
Deconstruction & architectural arguments
I think that you first need a better understanding of what "deconstruction" means and its theoretical underpinning before you begin this thesis. What do you understand from this word?
Shiraz Allibhai
Deconstruction & architectural arguments
i ve been working on deconstruction about an year & i ve most of my projects based on this movment but the problem is the projects i gave was nearly about 1 months projects now i m giving a thesis in which i ve full year time period in small projects i dont have to justify my concepts by archtectural arguments properly but now i ve to give some solid architectural arguments for which the juror should consider it the architectural project i m taking it according to the point of DERAILED i ve to find the some case studies which will refer to my project to adopt some architectural methodology or prove my methodology in a sense.......
Nauman Pervaiz
Deconstruction & architectural arguments
well as you mentioned that you have a deep understanding in decon, then refering back to the elemnts within the theorie and seeking this in projects could be a way to go, for example the idea of absence and presence is a huge field, where one can compare many building types, may it be the A&P of forms, light, people the enviroment this creates and further more that decon is apart of our every day design process as we refine our ideas and seek new possiblities. its a brave thesis, i would just think that linking the aspects of derrida to new emerging architecture not only fragmentation but other fundementals would we the way to go

all the best
Jarrad Nelson
Deconstruction & architectural arguments
i don't know much about BAB e PAKISTAN, but i think 'the letters and conversations' between jacques derrida and peter eisenmann can help you in this matter. you can review 'the house' series and 'house of cards' by eisenmann where he's talking about clients brief, the process of interiority and exteriority and then the deconstruction of the whole process itself. there's another interesting viewpoint about deconstruction in book 'deconstructing kimbell' by micheal benedict. here author has reviewed 'kimbell art museum' by louis kahn in light of derrida's main tenants of deconstruction like absence-presence, retieration, removal of heirarchy and shifting centres. he takes each part of derrida's theory and analysed kimbell right from site to the trees to the structure, the movement to the architectural elements and right from the programmatic issues of museum to the 'chi' of taoism. above examples are more of 'process' based and not those popular 'imagary' based notions of deconstruction.
Sachin Soni


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