Information Technology
The humanity, the slavery
"The search for a perfect human" comes from the idea that nobody is perfect; we all make mistakes. whereas architecture mistakes remain for a long time. Architecture itsself was founded to give the humans shelter or habitation. Today the techniques of information technology and media give a wide range of flexibilty in our life.

But we have to ask ourselves if the architecture of today is a searching for humanity, or its a kind of measurning the abilities of construction and the flexibilty of the digital design away of the human feelings or motions, will IT be the next servant of humans, or humams the slaves of the machines? Why forever we look at the villages and countryside as a place of humanisim instead of the architecture of today?
Ibrahim Abd Elhady
The humanity, the slavery
like all other tools, IT tools shall always be ther to enhence the task of architects and end users.
Dushyant Nathwani


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