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Glass stairs
Hi everybody,
I'm a 3rd year student i wannna excecute a glass stair so if u plz tell me where to find details for glass stairs. thx
Geomana Ahmed
Glass stairs
You can find websites of companies offering glass stair construction details. One such website is

Email them and ask them if they can send you some details.

Mahjabeen Quadri
Glass stairs
Visit the recently completed Center for Bosnian Art in Sarajevo. You will see a masterful stairs in the lobby made from stainless steel stringers and handrails with glass treads and a glass landing all made of layers of laminated glass.
Mark Burrell
Glass stairs
I remember seeing a staircase designed by James Carpenter that was fantastic. Entirely suspended from the ceiling. Check it out here:
Cameron Cooper
Glass stairs
Cameron ..i know what you are talking of James gave a lecture at our school and showed that glass stair its awesome...One should definately have a look..
Somshankar Bose
Glass stairs
There's a new product line of glass stairs systems being developed. It's online at There's more info at the website.
David Maloney
Glass stairs
hi ,
what other material other than glass , would you like to contribute to the staircase.
i think Glass solely could be a material of disguise. i would suggest u use some opaque material along with it.
Prithwiraj Ghosh Roy


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