Sustainable Design
Green materials
Does anyone have any idea of a material made of/recycled from vegetables? I am trying to look into materials that are environmentally friendly having structural or even cosmetic qualities, materials that are out of the convention (other than fly ash concrete, wood, steel, rammed earth, etc.). Also, anyone heard of a possibility of making a durable material out of sand!? It would be amazing if sand was utilized, especially abundant in desert settings, where sand can become integrated into the built environment. Would appreciate any wild thoughts you have relavent to 'new' materials.
Maiss Razem
Green materials
Brick is the very green material used since long, glass is produced from sand, so locally available materials are planty and are nature friendly, what we see is post industrialised material bad for environment, simple common sense and sourcing from near nature for small projects shall always be nature supporting.
Dushyant Nathwani
Green materials
search for sand bag architecture..........sand is filled in bags and used for constructing structures........limitations being that structures are ground floor only
Neha Shukla


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