Topic for Debate
The death of the architect
Architects design spaces, but look at a space in the morning and in the evening; in the light and in the darkness; from below and from above. The ambiance is differrent from where ever you see it. So the role of architect is reduced to that of a mason who erects walls,
or he had something to do with the design of spaces.

No, there does not exist any phenomenon as the architect in this postmodern world. The everyday architect is dead.
Mansoor Ahmed
The death of the architect
An architect's job is to design spaces keeping in mind the constraints of height, colour, light, angle and direction. It is his sole will to let people view his creation differently from different positions and different time or to make them view it in the same way always.The different visions of the same building may also relate to the different moods of a good architect, who takes care of every detail.Hence in such conditions the role of an architect is elevated to the role of the creator
Swarnankana Roy
The death of the architect
designer architect never dies,the space he/she must have concieved may be altered by user or may be demanded by new consumer,there a new wave after postmodern is evolving,we shall all be part of it by year 2008.
Dushyant Nathwani


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