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Unique hardwood flooring
Hello everyone,

I am making a research about the unique hardwood flooring and the latest in the market, like bamboo flooring and other new materials you as designers may have specified or like. I'd appreaciate any guidance for articles, product websites and pictures.
Zainab Nakshabandi
Unique hardwood flooring
Dear Zainab,

On a related subject.........
given Islamic pattern (particular interest) that is not necessarily generic to the United States for surface design application like flooring I have a couple of questions as a developer of new pattern and material. My focus is on completely non-rectilinear systems that are all arcs instead of straight lines. They are also completely machine manufactured and adaptable to a site using new engineering technologies in a small atelier setting.

1) is the interest in small or large scale pattern? From what I have seen, virtually all pattern is based on rectilinear repeats on a scale smaller than 16 inches or 48 cm. Would a larger scale pattern that relates well to expanses such as a foyer, lobby or plaza - courtyard at about 5 feet or 1.8 meters be of need or interest?

2) Is it preferable for pattern to be in feet or metric? I am actively working in prototyping concrete systems because of cost effectiveness and service life at the moment. Here, the usefulness of that material is based on a certain engineering strength of unreinforced material (60 inches square needs no rebar) typically found on a city sidewalk. It could effectively be any suitable material such as wood or stone, too. Concrete is just affordable - with plastic formability and reactive chemistry that responds to staining.

Feedback is welcome. If you have dsl or cable, there is a link on my website related to the intent of where I am going in development. There is current up to date information posted on my members profile at and also an animation at my url (3.6mb) to copy and paste

Kindest Regards,
Eileen Webb
Unique hardwood flooring
Here is a great online flooring store which features a wide array of tones and exclusive design for their hardwood floor collection. Enjoy!
Alexia Lorent


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