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What can be the architects role in advising designers of 'virtual' public spaces?
I am currently conducting my doctoral research in the area of designing virtual spaces for intellectual discourse and I was curious to know what the architectural community would suggest as exemplary references for reading and discussion. I have read the Aga Khan Award for Architecture's publishings to look for inspiration and I have found a great deal of exciting ideas they have contributed. I am still curious to hear some of the experiences of architects who design spaces for the disadvantaged and what successes they have encountered as a result of their innovative designs. I would be very interested in hearing about the design process and the innovations you have contributed. Please feel free to email me at
Zahra Punja
What can be the architects role in advising designers of 'virtual' public spaces?
Specifically, I am interested in the role and feasibility of collaborative design and user design and how this functions when users may not have an understanding of the potential they can reach and may not understand the underlying purpose or theory of the design space. I am interested to know how architects who design using user-centered design principles overcome this potential hurdle to ideal design.
Zahra Punja
What can be the architects role in advising designers of 'virtual' public spaces?
Creativity and Intellectualism both are kind of a rugged thrust towards achievement in Design and Architecture although in todays world both need applying more sympathy and localness with/towards end users.
The development of public life in past fifty to hundred years has been more modren and open instead of being for few privilidged.
Today we have compulsive Internationalism and it becomes easy to sum up the requirements...Yesterday my mail portal had options to reply in multi-languages....
..An Olympic meet /town would build mosques/temples/chapels or one for each religion..etc..
Sher Saddozai


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