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Significance of new structural systems in desigining aerodynamic structures
New structural systems have influenced the construction industry. What is the feasibilty in desigining aerodynamic structures?
Arnab Bhar
Significance of new structural systems in desigining aerodynamic structures
what is the use of designing aero-dynamic sturctures? are you talking abt buildings? unless you are building against hurrincane winds what feasibility can u see? aerodynamics is a consideration for sturctural stability and reduce wind loads. there can be expression on behalf of the architect. but do explain what you mean by aerodynamic stuctures. do you intend on moblie structures? do you intend to achieveing lift off? pls do exemplify your statement.
Ahmed Asad Zuberi
Significance of new structural systems in desigining aerodynamic structures
Dear Anab Bhar:
I relate quite closely to your question in that I reside in Florida in the USA. In Palm Beach County where I live we have experienced many hurricanes in the past few years. The concept of an aerodynamic building makes a lot of sense but may never have been fully investigated. There are many difficulties involving compatibility with current building codes and local zoning codes in addition to potential conflict with buyers' and/or clients' aesthetic tastes. I think that there are many locales around the world, including the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, places in Asia, and in particular, Florida and the southern coast of the United States. More difficulty in the design would include the fact that as hurricanes move, the winds do not come from the same directions suggesting a fully symmetrical aerodynamic formal response to the wind. I think an aerodynamic response to the formal language of the building is a tremendously useful point of departure for the design of a building not to mention a means toward a building that might be safer for occupants in times of high wind hazard.
Michael Polka


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