Topic for Debate
Local Collective Memory
With the progressive internationalization and globalization in mind, does that make sense to talk about local culture and specifically local architecture?
Ray Sanavandi
Local Collective Memory
Globalization in essence means to open the various localities of the world on each other from its four sides, it doesn't mean however that these localities have to hand out their own identity and collective memory in order to be as much identical to every one else, or to put it more specific, to be as much matching to the eurocentric image of modern localities. In an era of globalization local architecture can find a very resonant justification to its being.
Mervat El-Shafie
Local Collective Memory
I think in order for any particular local culture/architecture to survive globalization, the global community should learn to respect and recognize each other's differences/uniqueness. "my culture is as great as yours", "theirs is as great as ours are.." so on and so forth. inferiority is as damaging to any culture as is jingoism.
AdiFitri Ahmad
Local Collective Memory
Younger Persian generations think that Capitan Sindbad, Aladdin and the Wonder Lamp and Sheherezade, etc... were all created by W. Disney. Japanese animation cartoon designers depict characters with non Japanese physiognomy. European children that draw their imaginary cities with skyscrapers e non local castels and non local architecture. There already exists a collective memory and a future collective imagery, which is getting form and shape. It is not local and has international characteristics. New generations use internet and other international e non limited to local tools or media to communicate. This will build and already has built lots of similarities, common hopes and desires among young generations. It is not about to hand out, get contaminated or cultural infiltration or submission. It is about the context which is changed. The National Italian dish and proud was imported by Marco Polo from China. Our ancestors were all pagans. To invite people to prayer minarets and muezzins were there. May be how to build the common destiny of all people of all lands are more important and decisive than our local pasts. These are just some observations suggestions or hints for further discussions and are not intended as recepies or personal beleives.
Ray Sanavandi


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