Sustainable Design
Seeking Information on Sustainable Architecture
First I wish to apologize for disturbing you, and here in Egypt I am in badly need to receive some help. That I wish to receive some help for me in my Ph D in the following points in searching in: "Sustainable architecture".
and its relation with:
- Sustainable Landscape
- Sustainable Energy
- Sustainable Transportation
- Pollutions
- Sustainable Water
- Desertification
- Indoor air Quality
- Sustainable Materials
- Lighting
- Appliances
- Case Studies
- Designing a methodology for evaluating the Sustainability for Residential Communities.

By any scientific materials. Because of it acts as points in my PhD. And, I handle it in my studying in sustainability in both urban and architectural level. and now, may I introduce myself.

Usama Abd-Alnabi Konbr
Assistant lecturer
Architecture Department,
Faculty of Engineering
Tanta University.

I have got the B.Sc. in July 1995, from: Al-Azhar University, then I had been occupied in the same faculty, which I took the B.Sc. from as TA (teaching assistant) at the Department at the beginning of 1997, After that I got M.Sc. in architecture at: November 1, 2000 which titled with:
"Towards Touristic Eco- Architecture in Southern Sinai Case study: The Coastal Touristic Architecture Evaluation at Ras Sudr Tourism Sector"

Then, I registered a Ph.D. Thesis in Sustainable Architecture, Titled with:
"Rooting the main Concepts of Sustainable Architecture in:
Egyptian Hot Dry Regions
Case Study: Analysis of new Residential Communities Architecture in Greater Cairo Region".

Thank you very much for your attention and the time you spent for my request.
Usama Konbr
Seeking Information on Sustainable Architecture
Hi, I am a student of 9th semester B.Arch. from the National Institute of Technology and am currently doing a dissertation on sustainable architecture. I would be grateful to receive information regarding the same. I would also like to get enlightened on eco-tourism projects.
Lakshmy Balachandran


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