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Bamboo based social housing in Pakistan
I am a newbie here and don't want to start an initiative that has already been taken up by other members and done much better than I am likely to do. I would appreciate any information about the construction of bamboo houses in Pakistan.

I have read that many areas of Pakistan are too dry for growing bamboo to the extent that it is done in India's "seven sisters" states where there bamboo is used to produce equivalents for plywood, oriented strand board, particle board and corrugated roofing panels.

It is fairly easy to obtain information about bamboo related developments in India, which is one of the member nations of the International Network for Bamboo and Rattan. Pakistan has not joined INBAR yet, so it is harder for me to obtain information about the production and utilization of bamboo there than in various Asian, African and Latin American countries that are INBAR members. There is a great body of knowledge about uses for bamboo that can be obtained by any INBAR member nation, since all developments by members are posted for sharing with others. Ideas for bamboo housing developed in Colombia, Puerto Rico and Ecuador can, and have been demonstrated in India in recent years. I am beginning to ramble, but what I am trying to find out is whether bamboo is being used in Pakistan to construct anything other than the traditional bamboo houses made by tying bamboo culms together. If any members have information about developments of this kind, please share it with me on the forum or by e-mail since it might prevent me from making a fool of myself, as I have done on more past occasions than I like to remember.

Best wishes to all, and it's good to "be here" with you.
Frank McNeill
Bamboo based social housing in Pakistan
Dear Frank,

it's been a while since your messege has been posted, only now did i noticed it...and i understand what you mean about the impression you may give of some questions...but i know about myself we're in the same boat:)...well, maybe your baot is better that mine:)..i hope you got some answers, but the reason am writing this is that am making a research about bamboo hardwood flooring in general...and the latest developments....wonder if you have any info about how it's processed, stains available and more...i found few websites of manufacturers in china and japan.

kind regards
Zainab Nakshabandi
Bamboo based social housing in Pakistan
for bamboo the organisations you should contact are:
Kanika Agarwal


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