Building Technology
Long span roof structures
Hi friends
Can anyone please tell me where i can get details regarding long span roof structures. Please let me know if there��s anyone whom i can contact to get help for my project.
Indu Nair
Long span roof structures
One of the best ways of achieving long spans is a truss. You may want to research truss structures.
Ozgur Basak Alkan
Long span roof structures
If you are interested in structures, you might like to look at , a website dedicated to structures and engineering.
Michael Ramage
Long span roof structures
hi indu,
i think you should try to get some books on Ar. Mies Van Der Rohe 'cause he has done a building with extraordinary long span without any coloums inside the hall. and the structure is very strong.
Nista Dugar
Long span roof structures
well probably i have few documents and images regarding roof structures used in airports ,if u r intrested u can contact me
Arnab Bhar


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