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Building systems integration
As buildings get more and more complicated the skills of a master craftsman or designer is not enough to address the design of complicated systems. Unfortunately, the specialized practices fail to bring the profession of architecture and systems technology together to create a coherent solution to the architecture design problem.

The division creates a widening gap between technology and architecture design resulting in a conflict between the roles of the architect and building technologist. In such a condition both are given equal attention to integrate them together resulting in environments that are crisp, entertaining and delightful.

Well, with this belief I am embarking on a thesis for my masters program to demonstrate the above.

What is the opinion of you guys regarding this..?Are there any examples /books and direction which I could follow.
Any suggestions to the kind of program i should choose considering the program shoudl involve tectonic, social and material issues.

Somshankar Bose
Building systems integration
While this is quite an extensive subject that requires discussion in detail, I agree that integration in building systems is necessary not only for cost-reduction but also for environmental reasons. Integrating shading and natural ventilation mechanisms into the roof and facade of buildings can result in savings in energy, materials and construction efforts while also providing excellent opportunities for architectural expression. On this note, I'd like to recommend two books: The Building systems integration handbook/ edited by Richard Rush (New York: Wiley, 1986), a practical handbook and a recent compilation entitled Architectural Expression of Environmental Control Systems by George Baird, containing detailed examples from around the world. The work of architects such as Nicholas Grimshaw and of unconventional civil engineering firms such as Ove Arup may also be of interest.
Ozgur Basak Alkan


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