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Using mental ability
The great scientist Albert Einstein was once asked that how many feet are in a mile. He replied,

"I don't know and I don't have to because I can find the man in five minutes who can tell me this. Why should I store these things which I can easily find from a reference book. We should use our brain to create things rather than just using it as a garrage of facts".

I was also thinking that the same will be applicable to us and our field. But what I have observed is that we (students) are always been pushed to learn the facts on our finger tips. This doesn't mean that our minds are now full, but it has abstracted our attentions.

A fact man can easily impressed a senior professional while the other person is totally affirmed as dull without having seen his work. I don't know why is that, but this trend is been prevailing among the senior professionals.

After coming across the above piece of work about the great scientist, I am now thinking that,

"Am I using my mind to create the history or just using it merely to record the history create by others"

I would like to see what members have to say about the topic.
Arshad Siddiqui
Using mental ability
faculty of reasioning is an importent factor in taking right and appropriate decision in context.mind works and reflects to any given situation with sub-psych built-up of past times peoploe who prompt to react and judge wants us ti behave in predeffined way known as conditiong of mind.well as a proffessional architect certain condining is o.k.but there will always be an extra new point to consider as architecture is ever creative field.what i understand is juding somebody's mental abilities just by mugged up knoedege in architecture makes the judgement of imferior quality.
Dushyant Nathwani
Using mental ability
I believe using mental ability to it's fullest potential in creativity will definitely involve a bit of the information that we can memorise / store. The advantages of having knowledge on your fingertips cannot be overlooked in our field - can you imagine designing a building without knowledge of building regulations or standard construction details!! I am sure the people who can tell you about these are less than 5 minutes away in todays world.
I for one cannot help but be impressed by my seniors who have accummulated a wealth of knowledge and can implement it in their work with ease. This gives them the extra time to experiment and put more thought into their designs, thus be more imaginative.
Einstein also said imagination was better than knowledge - but I think the 2 go hand in hand.

Arshad Khan
Arshad Khan
Using mental ability
Yes Arshad Khan, you do have a point if we talk about standards and bye-laws. Of course these things are very necessary for an architect or even an architecture student.
But what about having the knowledge of each an every project with dates and architects on finger tips. You will be with me if I say that these things are not useful incase of design practise or process, but are a method to impress others.
What will you say?

Arshad Siddiqui
Using mental ability

Dear Arshad,

Hello there.


I think that we use our minds for solving/improving existing problems that people are facing, and this come by making creative designs for the built environment that people live in, and those kind of creative design are called creative because:-

  • They fulfill people's need.

  • They are compatible with the environment ( i.e. sustainable ).

  • They respect the local identity of the culture of the community.

  • They are fulfilling the architect/planner's ability to make creative design that he can be proud of.


About history that's created by others, I think it must be study well to know the good and bad points in it, and this help us to focus on the good points in future designs and don't duplicate the bad points because development is an accumulative process, which means that what one make yesterday must be helpful for me today by studying it, so I also don't duplicate the same ideas, elsewhere we are not developing, we are just translating.


Wishing you all the best,

Good Luck,


Hicham Maged
Using mental ability
Thankyou Hicham, for your thought provoking posting.
I totally agree with you that we shoudl learn from the mistakes of the others because professional life can be very short for us otherwise.

Arshad Siddiqui
Using mental ability
Come on members!
Anyone else.....
Arshad Siddiqui


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