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Our architectural product
Do you think that our contemporary architectural product will the heritage for our grandsons ?!
Shady Youssef
Our architectural product
The question is that : "Will it survive till our grandsons", because its necessary for being a heritage.
Arshad Siddiqui
Our architectural product
Our contemporary architecture in my point of view is like the idea of the "fast food".. Meaning that it translates our culture and paradigms; expressing War thoughts and deconstruction..
Do you think that ourgrandsons' will keep these buildings to remind them of their dead relatives and their widow mothers???
Mai Amin
Our architectural product
Keykavoos Amini
Our architectural product
we like it or not architecture survives at least four generations if major upheavel like war/earthquqcke/fire/floods do not push the change.i find that only 1% contemporary architecture is of the quality ,which shall be worth for next generation,major change in concentration shift of population in this centurey as well technology adaptation shall bring new kind of architecture in next decade which shall have very interesting contextual as well expressive quality.
Dushyant Nathwani
Our architectural product
oh is a shameful percent..i think that it is little more...
Shady Youssef
Our architectural product

Dear Shady,

Hi there.


Well Mai thinks about our contemporary architecture as fast food, that's right as fast food causes many diseases as they discovered recently, where Mad Cow is it's main symptoms.


But if our contemporary architecture will last for the 4th generation - and this is an answer for your question Arshad as Mr. Dushyant Nathwani said - which is a very long time, and there's no UNDO or OOPS for this kind of architecture, I can say: don't worry, our world is already managing to DELETE this error very well; as you can see people - at the beginning of the 21st century - are still fighting, killing each other every where & destroying the built environment as better than a nature can do. ( some evidences had been recently discovered after arresting Saddam Hussien about the role of al-Qa'ada & Bin Laden in this ).


Well I don't know what to say: poor grandsons or poor grandfathers?! but as Mr. Dushyant Nathwani thinks that our quality contemporary architecture is 1%, well thank ALLAH; as 1% = there is still hope (like doctor says always).


Wishing you all the best,

Good Luck,


Hicham Maged
Our architectural product
Well shady,
you ask yourself, are you being a Palladio? or a Michael Anglo? are you adding anything useful and of value to the built enviroment or are you just expressing yourself in some ego-full design.

what should our grandsons admire about cheap solution post modernism? or about inept deconstruction?

you ask yourself, if you are being genuine in your designs and sincere in putting the best of your effort in a design , it might stand a chance of getting a mention.
Karim Elgendy
Our architectural product
Dear karim...
i agree with you..about the shameful state we are sunken IN now...but what we can you think that the urban and culture product which will be created by adding ONLY and waiting for pioneers...
Shady Youssef


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