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Architectural Opening Covers
Can somebody define Architectural Opening Covers? Architectural Openings are windows, doors, skylights, arches,vents, portals, etc. and may be located through interior or exterior of any building. What does an architectural opening cover serve and what are the existing examples? I really will appreciate your help. Thanks.
Deepak Gupta
Architectural Opening Covers
Although your question seems simple, it has a lot of meaning. I think the issue of opening covers can be broadened by thinking of the meaning of "INTERFACE" whether of the interior/exterior or the interior/interior relationships.

Generally speaking, a building is essentially an enclosure that separates an interior private space from the exterior public space. The interface is the crucial meeting place where the inside of a building connects with the outside.Also, it can be regarded as the meeting place between two spaces.

Issues that pertain to "Light, View, Privacy, Glare, Noise, Heat Gain, should be raised in the context of your question. I think your question involves several underlying questions, and if these are answered the more generic question will be answered easily.

Some of these questions would be: - How effectively does the exterior of the building indicates its function? Are the various openings related to thoughful planning of interior...etc.

There are some publications that introduced some knowledge on this issue, these are: - Environmental Aesthetics by Jack Nasar (1988). - Visual Research Methods in Design by Henry Sanoff (1991) - There is also a very old research paper published in the seventies by David Kanter and Amos Rapoport, and I do not remember the publisher, but the paper title is Complexity and Ambiguity in Environmental Design.

Ashraf Salama


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