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Experiencing architecture
is what we see or design is true or is it just what we percive. is all the elements of design are as we percive them or they are different of what think they are. as Peter Eisemen says that deconstruction is not about dening function but it is about bringing out the hidden. the one we never experience before. So give ur opinions.
Ahmed Ali
Experiencing architecture
Dear Ahmed,

I think at this cross point between being a student and bing an architect you are entitled to a longer explaination than am going to provide you.

The design process begins with a dream. A living dream where the architect is walking through and around his building in his own mind. you can call it the architect's vision if you like.

Now the architect is trying to bring this dream design into the world. It happens through his drawings (and here lies the trap) can he put his dream in a drawing. Normally with experience you can do it better. However sometimes your drawings are not true to your dreams.

So talent and experience will be your tools to perceive and transelate the vision into solid buildings to be seen and judged by others.

All respects
Ahmed Sabry
Experiencing architecture
dear Ahmed

what i conclude from ur opinion is that architects are the beholders of what they design. there design cannot be judge by others, if one wanna experience the wholeness he must looks from their eyes. i think its really difficult for a commom man who is not fimiliar from the tremanologies we used to define. even for architects its quit hard to percive a design which is anti of norms. what we experience even if we went into our conceptial space is the same patterns defined by others.
Ahmed Ali


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