Topic for Debate
Relationship of music and architecture
I chose the topic "relationship of music and architecture". So please give me your opinions about the topic and do you really think that there is a relationship between these two or its just a perciving idealogy?
Ahmed Ali
Relationship of music and architecture
Hi Ahmed,

As a result of collaboration with New Zealand multisense artist Raewyn Turner we have published a paper last year that might be of your interest.
The title of the paper is:

Spatial Forms Generated by Music - The Case Study
available online within the Generative Art Conference Web site.

I would like to recommend you two interviews, one with Toyo Ito and another with Philip Glass, referenced at the end of this paper, both discussing relations between music and architecture.
Best, Mirjana
PS It would be interesting to read here some results of your research once you have completed it.
Mirjana Devetakovic Radojevic


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