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dissertation topic
Hello, i am a final year architecture student currently working on my dissertation, i will like get more ideas from people with knowledge of architecture and design. my dissertation topic is "how can virtual communities impact upon the cities of tomorrow?"
Maryam Jokolo
dissertation topic
Maryam, An interesting idea, as there have been "virtual communities" ever since people started working away from home and travel to and from work, because this immediately creates a home community where the person lives and a work community where the person works and maybe the same person has another community of like-minded people for any leisure activity.

The thing to remember is that the modern multiplicity of such "virtual communities" has only arisen because of the existence of modern transprt systems, although today, the transport system is information moved about the world wide web and so members of any one virtual community (like the Archnet forum) can live anywhere. :)
Frank John Snelling


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