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Thesis Research and Design
My thesis topic is Spirituality in Architecture, and i have studied this topic in detail and its interpretation in spaces. now i want to design a space where the concept of spirituality help to cope up with psychological disorders like stress, depression etc...
I need some suggestions for the design so, I would like to open up this topic for discussion. Thanks

Summiya Jamil
Summiya Jamil
Thesis Research and Design
I know what depresses me, it is seeing purple, purple, purple, everywhere I look today, there are purple cars, purple bikes, purple clothes, purple shoes, purple hats, purple soft furniture, purple carpets, purple walls, purple lighting, purple toys, purple, electrical equipment, purple printing in newspapers, purple TV ads, ugh!!!

Ironically, I can remember hearing in an industrial psychology class in the early 1980s that "purple was the colour of doubt" which says it all. :)))

Vice versa, the lighter brighter colours (red, orange, yellow and green) are psychologically good for people (and by colours I mean clear colour and not the wishy-washy dismal muddy "tones" and "shades" of today).
Frank John Snelling
Thesis Research and Design
Hi Sommiya, I love the topic of your research as i'm interested in spiritual effects of everything, try religious buildings design and what's common between them especially from different epochs
it might turn even more interesting than u think
Sally Essawy
Thesis Research and Design
Thanks Frank and Sally for your suggestions...
Regards: Summiya Jamil
Summiya Jamil


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