Seeking Guidance
Research Proposal
I'm struggling to choose what topic of research should i do. I have to do a research proposal within 6 months required by Curtin University. it's giving me a headache. Previously i did my research in green marketing but the focus was manufacturing companies in Malaysia. Now I'm blur.I'm planning to do a research about green but i have no ideas.
Nur Kamarul Hafiz Jamil
Research Proposal
Nur, the best advice I have ever seen was "If in doubt, write it down".

Ideas that remain in your head and not written or drawn, will simply float about from here to eternity. It does not matter how you put an idea down on paper because this is the creative phase and so can be as rough as a doodle on the back of an envelope.

Then once you have something down on paper, you can begin to morph the idea in ways which you would not have imagined before you put it down on paper. :)
Frank John Snelling


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