Seeking Guidance
Architecture and photography
I am doing a dissertation on it.
Need guidance on Impacts of photography on architecture.
Aakanksha Puranik
Architecture and photography
Aakanksha, If you search in the topic archive there are several earlier related topics on photography, but none on "the impact of photography on architecture".

Although, I do recall making mention of both `black and white` photography which was introduced 100 years ago and the Camera Obscura (aka pinhole camera) which was used in the 15th Century Italian Renaissance.

A modern variant of the pinhole camara is to copy an image on clear plastic, put it on an overhead projector, project the image against a large sheet of paper on a wall and then pencil in the image on the paper.

Furthermore, for sevral hundred years there has been a panoramic imaging device which is set in the conical roof of a round house and a complete 360 degree image is projected onto the inside wall.
Frank John Snelling


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