site for thesis: museum of light
architecture, my thesis is coming up in 4 months and i m looking for site for museum of light, can u advice some sites and can i get case studies for museum of light from india and abroad.
Neha Vaish
site for thesis: museum of light
I assume your "museum of light" is to showcase not only examples of displays of light, but the perception of light?

I ask because the perception of light plays an important part in the design of architecture, so that the latitudes where the Sun is weaker and softer is percieved as a friend and so is freely allowed into interior spaces with all glass walls, and vice versa, where the Sun is stronger and fiercer and percieved as an enemy, then tiny windows in massive walls are used to limit entry.

Modern architecture (total glass design) of course has broken such natural perceptions of light and lighting, but then most modern architecture is based upon the old saying "Throwing the baby out with the bathwater."
Frank John Snelling


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