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Transtion spaces in buildings
hi,i would like to do my dissertation on Transition spaces in public buildings and how to make an empty space interesting by the use of study of transitions.And I wish to do my casestudy on the builnding -Jawahar Kala Kendra" in Jaipur,by Ar.Charless Correa.Please give me suggestions .
Rafa Razik
Transtion spaces in buildings
Rafa, the question you should ask yourself is "What is the primary use of a transitional space?" And the answer would be or should be, to allow people to pass from one space to another. Therefore, to make the space interesting or so interesting as to slow or halt the passage of people through a transitional space rather defeats the primary purpose.

On the other hand, such spaces (aka passages, corridors, etc) can and have been given a secondary purpose by means of notice boards on the walls which serve the same function as the public notice boards put up by the Romans at the junction of any three roads or "tri via" (= trivia).

And of course, such passageways can be used for displays of objects in cabinets and posters, etc on the walls.

And another use is by having windows which allow passers-by to see into outside space or other spaces inside.
Frank John Snelling


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