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The Real versus the Virtual: Communicating "Non-Verbal" Messages
In the real world, where people communicate ideas to others many non verbal messages are involved. In the virtual world, it is not clear how those "non-verbal" messages are conveyed.

For example, in face to face communications or presentations, or in any other setting, well known statistics show that only 7% of the message involve the words spoken, while 93% of communication is non-verbal.. Dress, posture, body language, facial expressions, vocal expressions are some of the elements of the non verbal communication.

Now, the question is: in the discussion forum of Archnet where all of us communicate ideas, share and disagree on views, respond to questions, etc. Can we consider that the communication process is complete or simulating the real world? What elements and how would replace non verbal messages involved in real world communication.

It would be important to discuss our communication mechanisms, processes, and the messages we try to convey to each other on Archnet Discussion Forum.
Ashraf Salama
The Real versus the Virtual: Communicating "Non-Verbal" Messages
I think Ashraf you have triggered a very nice point. I have been thinking about it for a while, and I think that if we comparing the discussion via the net with real world, one might say it is incomplete, but what happens that in the process of writing we try to give some hints of ��facial expressions, or even voice tone ��(emoticons or by using capital letters) or even sometimes one writes that ��I am smiling while I read this and so on�� that would help and substitute for the real communication. Second I would compare the two communications to reading a book and watching a movie of the same book, well in the movie ok u get to watch all the non verbal communication, but in the book u give space for your own imagination. So I think the imagination part fills up the rest of the percentage of the nonverbal communication and it is a complete different experience.
I would like also to add something, well it is something I automatically did while I was reading one of the postings on the discussion forum, I suddenly needed to check the profile of the sender, I guess it serves to know the back ground and education and age, something you automatically get in the face to face communication.
Hebatalla Abouelfadl


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