Historic Preservation
enrgy significance in architecture
hey hi....iam currently tring to develop the research topic for my thesis.

Its related to ancient vedic civilizations and their architecture where forms have related to energy significance.
I want to research on how this form related energy significance could relate to the design of an atomic and nuclear research centre of todays world.

please REFER TO materials for study and how this idea could be put through in more realistic terms and not sound like sci-fi idea.
Janani Iyer
enrgy significance in architecture
By vedic, do you mean Vastu etc.? I do not understand the term "Form related energy".

I suppose you are referring to some kind of concepts like yin and yang or vastu purusha, sacred geometries and similar ones which metaphorically emphasizes on positive and negative energy in spaces in relation to various elements of nature. Is it so?

So you could probably study more on such subjects and try to base your design on such concepts. However, nuclear research facilities will also tend to have strong impact on their form based on the functional requirement as well.So you need to find a balance.
Sriraj Gokarakonda


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