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Architecture of work environments

I am a student of final year thesis and my project is about designing an office for LMKR (please visit for further information! ) My study on office environments is basically from 4 approaches, namely organizational, environment psychology, occupational health and architecture. My research questions are:
1. Are there any differences between employees in different office types wrt health, job satisfaction or satisfaction with the workplace?
2. If so, can these differences be traced to the office type itself?
3. What role does the architecturak quality of the office play in relation to this?

I have done surveys and interview with respect to this but I am confused about the research aspects. I can't seem to understand how to choose them and how to research on them. Please respond asap!
Nimra Haroon
Architecture of work environments
Hey Nimra.

I don't have any answers for you right now, but I would like to be in contact with you and read your thesis when I'm done.

I'm a PhD student in Denmark researching in improving the process of developing future, public buildings - especially offices.

Best, Mai
Mai Rasmussen


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