Seeking Guidance
Center for art and architecture
Helo, I am a 3rd year student. MY current project is Center for Arts and Architecture. For that I need to have a program list of all spaces.
Some necessary requirements are considered, but i want my program to come up with a new way of learning and implementing art.
For that i will be having a studio for all junk. I believe that architecture is a practical way of perceiving spaces, and for that one can go under accidental experimentation with various materials from junk. enhancing their artistic approach. I have some more similar ideas but i need to go through case studies aswell.

Please recommend me some good projects of such institutes so that I can think for more spaces in my program.

waiting for your suggestions and feedbacks:)
Areeka Amjad
Center for art and architecture
Areeka, perhaps you could consider one of my own creative mantras "Adopt (Opt), Adept (Ept), Adapt (Apt)". In other words, adopt the idea of some way of doing something, then become adept through practice and finally adapt or apply what you have learnt. :)))
Frank John Snelling


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