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Rain water harvesting
As we all know that water is life for our universe and increasing shortage of water is red signal for us.So at this stage we have to save water for millions of people and for our future generation.
I am a 4th year student and i am doing a project having water harvesting system so please guide me.Thank you
Zeeshan ali Shani
Rain water harvesting
Zeeshan, "Rain Water Harvesting" is done in many ways and for more than one use.

In macro terms, humans harvest rainwater by collecting rainwater runoff in large tanks and reservoirs.

In micro terms, human traditionally harvest rainwater by putting a barrel under a rainwater down pipe connnected to rainwater gutters at the bottom edges of the roof from the roof and collects water when it rains.

And I can recall reading some years ago a magazine article about an urban commune in Germany (in Berlin?) who had built a vertical garden (a garden on a series of levels, like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon) against the south wall of a block of apartments and used and reused the water from the roof, as it trickled down under gravity. :)

And rainwater is harvested naturally, because when rain falls upon mountains it is absorbed by the rock and then takes several thousand years to filter through and comes out as springs. :)

Another way of using mountain harvested rainwater is the traditional (and perhaps ancient) Qanat system in Iran. Qanats are manmade underground channels that run for many miles and can supply towns.
Frank John Snelling


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