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Information Required on School of Architecture Library in Pakistan
I have previously made contact with UET, Lahore Pakistan School of Architecture Library to donate books, however they seem not to be interested in taking them now, even though initially they were interested. I am now planning on transporting these same research and text books to Pakistan and would be interested in knowing if there is a school of architecture in Islamabad or Lahore area which would interested in taking them. This is a legitimate request for the benefit of an educational institution and not a private company or individual, as these books will only be transported and donated for the benefit of students in a learning environment. Any assistnace that can be provided would be most helpful.
Omar Chaudhery
Information Required on School of Architecture Library in Pakistan
Omar, I know the feeling (because I tried to donate 90% of my own library) in similar circumstances and for similar reasons. I can only imagine that there is a reluctance to accept books from a foreign (outsider) source, because the books might contain unacceptable material which could corrupt the mind of the reader.

Therefore, if you are serious about donating books then perhaps you should allow the books to be vetted and verified as being acceptable.
Frank John Snelling


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