Reclaiming an Abandoned Quarry thesis
I am doing my thesis on reclaiming abandoned quarries in Delhi. These quarries are located in Lal Kuan village near Tughlaqabad fort, Delhi close to the Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary. The site is a part of the Southern Delhi Ridge. They were mines used for quartzite/silica mining. I propose to reclaim the quarry pits and surrounding area for the socio- economic development of the Lal Kuan village. If anyone has information regarding reclaiming quarries or any other related information please sent it to me. (email id -
Sai Sood
Reclaiming an Abandoned Quarry thesis
Sai, The reclamation (natural or otherwise)) of quarries has a very long history. For example, here in Britain, many centuaries ago, so much peat was dug out of the land in East Anglia that today we have a series of lakes known as "The Norfolk Broads".

Similarly, in other areas, mainly where gravel has been quarried in flood plains, these have filled up with water naturally (and in some cases deliberately by man) and created lakes used for fishing and watersports.
Frank John Snelling


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