India: Is the home you need affordable?
Consider this: For your and your family's needs you need a 2 bedroom house/flat. You need it to be located in a certain part of town for easy access to your work and your children's school. But will it be affordable? Please take a brief anonymous survey and share your thoughts on subject of Home Affordability in India.

The key to addressing the issue of housing affordability in the middle class of India is to first define it. Support our research by participating in the Survey. The findings will be made available publicly.

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Thanks, realism.IN
Minu Agarwal
India: Is the home you need affordable?
Minu, I do not live in India, but on the other hand, I hope you are taking into account the various modes of transport and transport systems which allow people to live away from their workplace.
Frank John Snelling
India: Is the home you need affordable?
Hi Frank,
Thanks for the reply. I am trying to paint one example scenario for people taking the survey. Every one will have their own needs and budget. We are trying to find out how easy or difficult it is to meet the basic housing needs for individuals.

Thanks again for your interest. I will edit the language a bit.

Minu Agarwal
India: Is the home you need affordable?
Minu, Okay. One of the factors that many people either forget or more usually are completely unware of is the impact that modes of transport have upon the size of urban areas.

For instance, in Britain amny towns and cities grew when the railways were introduced. London grew by leaps and bounds when the underground railway system was introduced and later when self-propelled road vehicles (cars, etc) replaced horse transportation.

In fact, one could say that the size of cities today around the world is dependent upon transportation using fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas).
Frank John Snelling


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