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Thesis help: sports complex
I am a final year student of architecture and I have chosen my thesis topic as Design of Sports Complex and I have to do Case studies and literature studies on the said topic. My Sports complex will consist
1. International cricket stadium
2. Indoor Multi purpose stadium
3. Aquatics complex
It would be really helpful if anyone could suggest some good sports complex facilities which I could study in order to design a good Sports complex.
My thrust area is Structural Expression and sustainability.
Deepika Reddy
Thesis help: sports complex
try JLN stadium complex in delhi
Avjeet Singh
Thesis help: sports complex
Hi Deepika,

There are number of sports complex out there to study and most of them put thrust on the structure. I guess it would be wise to do a systematic online search apart from referring to good books. The online search could start with looking at the sports facilities that have been used to Olympics in the past few decades starting from the most recent London and Beijing to other countries such as Brazil, Greece etc. You can look up for football stadiums in England, Europe and middle east. You can also look in the same manner for sports facilities used in ASIAN Games and CommonWealth Games.

Recently finished Thyagaraj Stadium in New Delhi has been LEED Certified and has got about 1 MW solar plant installed on its roof. May be you could find more interesting facts about it apart form the solar PV roof.
Sriraj Gokarakonda
Thesis help: sports complex
Thank you very much for the suggestions.
Mr. Gokarakonda, I'll look into the international examples. Thank you for answering. It really helped.
Deepika Reddy


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