Subterranean residential housing - crossventilation issue
hey m in 2nd yr b.arch n m building a residential house over d land n the other part in subterrean the block of d house wch is in subterrean area,its roof is acting as terrace garden..similarly i hv one more block in subterrean area so hw wud d crossventilation work in such kind of construction?..pls input some comments n favourable ans to it..thank u!
Steffi Mathias
Subterranean residential housing - crossventilation issue
Steffi, There is cross-ventilation and there is stack ventilation either to extract used air or hot air from within buildings (chimneys, etc) or to inflow air into buildings as with the wind towers of Yazd in Iran.

Cross-ventilation in its simplest form is by leaving windows open on opposite sides of a building and allowing air to flow through the building.

Stack ventilation for the inflow of air into enclosed spaces is best seen on wooden sailing ships and riveted steel ships which have rotatable funnels mounted on the decks and the wide opening of these funnels catches and channels the wind down into the enclosed spaces below the decks. So this can easily be used to ventilate underground spaces.
Frank John Snelling


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