water and architecture
hello, i`m having to write a thesis about water and architecture and specifically the architecture of natural marine sites(islands), why do we build on water? for what purpose? what is the importance of using such sites? but since there is no references to the subject and i`m having no clear vision for my thesis i`m a little bit lost...i would appreciate any kind of help to get me started...!!!
Rabih Banna
water and architecture
Rabih, Hmm, Why do we build on water? I believe what you meant was "Why do we build next to water?"

And most probably the reason why is because the transition space between land and water has a special aesthetic and so is a special context, quite apart from the undoubted health appeal of clean air, clean water, clean sand.
Frank John Snelling
water and architecture
I believe Architecture is a reflection of Art and the people who build these structures. Art has always pushed our limits of understanding. When we somewhat get comfortable in defining "what is Art" an artist or new masterpiece always seems to break out of the box and have us reevaluate the limitation of this beautiful creation. Thus, architectural design always challenges and reshapes the way we perceive this world. Building on islands is just another site mankind seeks to master and explore
Abdur-Rahim Muhammad
water and architecture
first...thank you for your responses, although it`s a little bit late, my thesis subject have been changed, and i am writing now about "The architecture of solitude", my project is a retreat on an island for art and contemplation, i am studying the relation between creativity and solitude, studying solitude as an act or as a spiritual process, which leads me to talking about spirituality in architecture outside religion, eventually discussing why building on an island could be considered a good place for such a retreat. I would appreciate any other insights about the subject. Sorry again for the late response.
Rabih Banna


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