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Architecture thesis study: sanative environment
Hai, i am currently pursuing my final year in architecture. I m interested in a study for my is

SANATIVE(healing) ENVIRONMENT - A study of spaces that can help people to get rid of their stress and feel calm and relax. ranging from urban level to a residence how it differs. The character, type of the space, what are the factors that made people attain the change of states in those spaces.

please help me to fine tune this topic or any does it need any changes...??? does this study have scope?
Bala Hari Krishnan
Architecture thesis study: sanative environment
Bala, Perhaps you should use the word `Sanatorium` rather than "sanative" because I had to check sanative in the dictionary and found I was confusing it with the group of meanings that go with "sanitary".

And you should surf for "Health Spa" because these are places (particularly in Germany) where people go to unwind.
Frank John Snelling


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