Seeking Guidance
Hello every one

I am a masters student of CEPT University,planning to do my research thesis on daylighting.
can any one give me examples or case study were "light shelves" are installed in India.
ankit bhalla
Ankit, I assume "light shelves" are the trendy and fashionable lighting technique used in bars and nightclubs, where the counter is a glass shelf lit from beneath.

Given that alcohol dulls the senses and makes people clumsy in both mind and body, then glass shelving with drink glasses is `an accident waiting to happen`.
Frank John Snelling
I do not quite agree with the definition given by Frank. Architecturally, light shelf is actually an overhang placed inside a building, above the eye level, generally painted in a high reflecting paint so that it reflects the daylight onto the ceiling and deep inside the room. Its a technique of solar passive design. LEED rating systems have an incorporation of Light shelves, earning credits in 'Indoor environment quality' and 'Daylight and views' categories respectively. Coming back to the topic, Light shelves are prominently seen in older buildings mostly during the pre-independence era.Right now the building I remember is National chemical laboratories in Pune, where extensive use of light shelves has been made.
Subhankar Nag
Subhankar, thank you for your explanation, although, given that these light shelves are above eye-level, then someone needs to remember to clean off the dust that will collect and so obscure the reflective surface.
Frank John Snelling


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