museum interior design for blind

iam doing final year architecture
and i am doing interior design museum for visually challenged as my thesis ... i would like to do with their other senses of visually would be for
general people who can understand blind people..i just trying to derive interior architecture for blind in my museum.. where they can move well as planning to design a building to show the visually challenged world for the sighted people but without seeing things and coloring .. how could interior design mean specifically for blinds?! regarding this any one can give me some idea please!!! or refer me to proceed with this idea with valuable case studies.
Fateme Ghafoorian
museum interior design for blind
Make good use of lighting and contrasting colors. A person who is legally blind does not necessarily live in darkness. Often legally blind people have a sense of light, color and contrast. Windows should have adjustable blinds, so that the amount of natural light coming into a room can be varied. Mirrors should be carefully placed to reduce glare, which can be disorienting to someone with a visual impairment.

Clear all walkways of tripping hazards like cords. Tape down area rugs to reduce the chance of someone tripping over the edge. Design the layout of each room so that the natural traffic areas are clear of furniture.

Provide a variety of textures, sounds and even smells to bring the room to life.
Web Henry


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