Sustainable Design
Thesis: sustanable design topic needed
Hi, I'm Deepika, a final year student of architecture from India. I'm going to pursue my masters degree in sustainable design ie. M.S.S.D. and I would like my bachelor's thesis to have a core of sustainable design.
Now I have got to submit at least two topics for thesis and I am lost. I would really appreciate it if you could help me by suggesting some topics which could work well with sustainable design as it's core.
Deepika Reddy
Thesis: sustanable design topic needed
Deepika, Perhaps you could do a comparison of (a) traditional and or vernacular sustainable design, which relies upon the accumulated cultural knowledge and proven reality of thousands of years of sustainable design, and (b) modern sustainable design which relies upon"Statistics" (or what I call "approximations of reality") and modern sciences.
Frank John Snelling
Thesis: sustanable design topic needed
Rural housing, featuring adobe buildings, rain water harvesting, solar panels and cooling towers, etc.
Shiraz Allibhai


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