Thesis: What should I select?
Hello every one. I'm Karamat 4rm Punjab is my final year and i want do my thesis on Islamic Architecture. Please tell me what can I design with reference to Islamic architecture. I dont want to change my reasrch aspect, what do you think about" islamic studies and research centre? but i m not getting case studies, so people please help me and send your valuable comments.
Karamat Subhani
Thesis: What should I select?
Karamat , Islamic architecture is rather a difficult topic to be done as a thesis on bachelors level.However if you want to go for it the research aspect of your thesis along with the defending arguments should be very strong.Focus on the social context of your site and produce a really well grounded logical design,try to incorporate the ideology of Islam in an abstract manner in your design but don't be too literal.If you cannot find case studies try to study buildings that are somehow related to your project.
Fred Barry
Thesis: What should I select?
A bundle of thanks sir .my classes will be started tomorrow.i will discuss this topic with my teachers and then will inform u in detail but plz guide me what kind of projects I can submit for my synopsis.we have to submit three synopsis.I have thought that they can be
Islamic culture centre
Islamic studies and research centre
What can else be I submit?
I don't want to my research aspect(Islamic architecture)..but so far as project is considered it can b compromised
Karamat Subhani
Thesis: What should I select?
Karamat, Perhaps you could do a comparison of several styles of Islamic Architecture.

In other words, selecting one type of building and then comparing the environmental, climatic and cultural elements and influences.
Frank John Snelling
Thesis: What should I select?
Why is it so hard for you to select a topic of interest? If you are in the 4th year, surely there is something that interests you to pursue your studies? Why would you want to pursue a thesis topic for which you cannot find a project. My advice is to find a new topic for which you have no difficultly finding things that you want to study and research further. Good luck.
Shiraz Allibhai


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