industrial housing
what considerations must i make to make a housing scheme for industrial workers?any specific case studies?
please help
thank you
Amit Joseph
industrial housing
Amit, there are a great many examples and studies of "housing for industrial workers", one such is `Port Sunlight` in England which I believe an early example (if not the earliest example) of enlightened capitalism, because a complete town was built to not only to house the workers, but also to serve their physical well-being and social, cultural and spiritual needs.
Frank John Snelling
industrial housing
Amit,Along with port sunlight promoted by Lever brothers(Unilever as it is called now.)largest maker of soaps and detergents in the world; the other industrial township that pioneered humane living conditions at the beginning of last century was the township of Bourneville promoted by the chocolate makers Cadbury and Bournville in England.Tony Garnier's Cite industriele remains an exemplar.
India after independence made a large number of self contained industrial townships for it's burgeoning industries in public sector. Durgapur, Bhilai,Rourkela,Jamshedpur are all examples of planned industrial townships.However they are not merely housing enclaves but provide all kinds of amenities as well.
Sambuddha Sen


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