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Dissertation-Architecture of non-visual senses
I am a student of IVth Yr. architecture from School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi.'Architecture of Non-Visual senses' is my Dissertation topic this semester. What i plan to understand through this dissertation is how and what can we learn from the senses of blind and add to our architecture.In a world and time where visual sense is dominating over other senses, we are somewhere loosing the relation between people and architecture because the relationship and connection is made through experience and we experience through our senses.Today architecture is mainly about visual and we have forgotten about the role of architecture in stimulating our all senses. We are in a need of architecture which is hyper sensory in terms of our other four senses (leaving visual).
By understanding the senses of blind which doesn't have the visual factor we can enhance buildings and spaces and add a lot more meaning to them.
Syed Hussain
Dissertation-Architecture of non-visual senses
People please write your valuable comments on it.This discussion can very much help in shaping up my dissertation.share your experience and work on it.
Syed Hussain
Dissertation-Architecture of non-visual senses
you could try speaking to aleraned professor in our college Mr. Anil Dewan.
Amit Joseph
Dissertation-Architecture of non-visual senses
Syed, some study of the science and art of accoustics in architectural design should help with your thesis.
Frank John Snelling
Dissertation-Architecture of non-visual senses
hey syed hussain..can u help me this topic..i am interested in the same topic...
Pooja Rajendrababu


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