behavioural modicafication through architecture
I'm a 4th year architecture student. For my thesis i have chosen the topic - Sound therapy centre. i would like to know what i should study and how i could go about with it. the idea is to incorporate music into architecture and to make a structure which, along with the sound/music therapy, also contributes to d behavioural modification.
Aishwarya Bhise
behavioural modicafication through architecture
Aishwarya, Sounds like you need to look at architectural accoustics and building designed and built to have wonderful accoustic properties.

Personally, these days I prefer the sound of silence, because increasingly mass media is becoming louder and ever more intrusive, as too many people assume that if an electronic boom box is capable of mega-noise, then the volume should always be on max.

The result is that with ever louder electronic noise makers, people are going deaf at an early age and therefore turn up the volume even more to compensate.
Frank John Snelling
behavioural modicafication through architecture
hey can u plzzzz forward me info regarding behavioural modification through architecture .... to ..... m doing juvenile rehab centr.... it wd be very helpful plzzzzz
Sahitya S. Theertha


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